Plant protection by Exotic6tem

Passionate about exotic Mediterranean plants for more than 20 years, Gilbert Eplenier has created a unique system, patented in Europe, to protect such plants from the cold, frost, wind and snow: the Oasis structure.

20 years of research

Gilbert Eplenier owns an exotic garden in Ecleux, in eastern France, and faced the same problem any exotic Mediterranean plant owner faces when living in the northern or mountain regions of France, Belgium, Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe. Motivated by his passion for landscaping and exotic plants, for years he designed and experimented with solutions to protect plants from the cold.

The Oasis protection structure

Patented in 2016, the Oasis structure was designed to protect exotic Mediterranean plants from the cold – plants such as palm trees (chamaerops humilis, cycas, etc.), orange trees, lemon trees, oleanders, yuccas, mimosas, centenary olive trees, dasylirions, etc. Gilbert Eplenier tested this adaptable and easy-to-install system repeatedly, successfully shielding his own exotic plants from sub-zero temperatures as well as snow and frost.

Expertise and advice

Through his passion, Gilbert Eplenier has become an expert in exotic plants. In addition to installing a structure to protect your exotic Mediterranean plants, he can offer advice on planting and maintaining your garden – bringing a little sunshine and a piece of paradise to your garden or poolside, planting an exotic tree in a public square, park, or on a roundabout and more. Exotic6tem’s creator also shares valuable tips on where to place your plants, heating at sub-zero temperatures and caring for your plants.