Our solution

Protect your plants from the cold with our Oasis structure

Having been planted, pruned and cared for all season, your trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants deserve that extra special care as winter approaches. With our protection system for exotic Mediterranean plants, they can be left outside even during the frost and very cold spells.

How to protect your plants during the winter

More practical than a traditional greenhouse or big heavy pots, the Oasis structure protection system for exotic Mediterranean plants is easy to use. It is assembled around your plant so you can leave it in the ground all year round, and can be extended each year. Once the cold season has passed, simply dismount and put away the small parts of the Oasis structure and enjoy your exotic Mediterranean plant again.

The Oasis protection structure

Designed and developed over several years by Exotic6tem's , founder, the Oasis structure shields plants from the cold with its hard-wearing and long-lasting aluminium structure and polycarbonate panels (clear plastic resembling glass). The system rests on an angular plate attached firmly to the ground with screwing anchors, stainless steel wire rope and turnbuckles, providing significant wind resistance. It is also easy to dismount and adjust. The Oasis protection structure can be built into any polygon shape around your exotic Mediterranean plants by simply fastening two parts together.

Wintering your plants effortlessly

Patented in Europe, this unique Oasis plant protection system has its own thermostat. Simply set the thermostat to the lowest temperature your exotic Mediterranean plant can withstand and add an oil heater to come on when the thermometer reaches these sub-zero temperatures. Planted in the ground or within a retaining wall feature in private gardens or parks, trees (palm trees - chamaerops humilis, cycas, etc. -, orange trees, lemon trees, oleanders, yuccas, mimosas, centenary olive trees, dasylirions, etc.) will withstand temperatures falling to -20°C, as well as frost, snow, and wind, etc. And with the Oasis system, it is easy to air your plants as the panels can be removed and adjusted in just seconds. An ideal solution to protect your plants as needed.